Donna Potter Phillips

I have got to tell you, Donna Potter Phillips is just one of those amazing folks in the genealogy field.  She offers us wonderful articles in numerous magazines, wisdom, attitude, humor – what can I say I’m a fan.  I’ve been busy asking her for tips and ideas for our society’s newsletter.  When she spoke to the Arizona State Genealogical Society last year she said to contact her anytime.  Boy I have I abused her!  If you have a chance to hear her speak go – she’s worth any price.  I can still see the folks in the audience being shocked when she told us to throw out  and weed through our research.  It’s true, genealogist need to go through their paper work and get rid of the doubles, the stuff we know we don’t need, yet we save………………….  

The Society is getting in gear to start on our 2009-2010 planning.  The search is on for seminar, workshop, programs, events and trip ideas.  I know with the talent we have on the committees we will come up with a wonderful line up for the year.  

Miottel Ship Records

I found them!  August, Henriette, Wilhelm, Theodor and Reinhold… Baltimore Passenger Lists, 1820-1948 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2006. Original data: Baltimore, Maryland. Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at Baltimore, Maryland, 1820-1891. Roll M255_31  Ship: Strassburg

Now I have proof of the family arriving in tact in the US.

The Miottel and Skibbe familes

After years of searching I finally found the Miottel family in the 1900 census. They were just where I knew they should be in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. They were listed under Meottel. So far this family has been listed as Miottel, Miattel and Meottel in census records.

I also this day found the Skibbe’s in the 1900 cenus in Franklin, Pulaski, Indiana. I’m on a roll…

Skibbe Family

I received an email from a Skibbe cousin on a follow up to a letter I sent. It’s great to have someone to discuss the family with. Hopefully between the two of us we can find more clues for this family. Marge was able to share some vital stats. I’ve already shared some information and a copy of a death certificate. She is going to share some orbits and pictures. I am slowly entering in additional information info my Legacy program.

Skibbe’s in the Chicago Directory

Chicago City Directory by the Chicago Directory Company for all listed below:

No records located in 1877, 1878, 1879, 1888, 1891

1867 Skibbe, William, bricklayer, home 775 State St

1883 page 1140
Skibbe, William, home 492 Paulina

Skibbe, William, bricklayer, home 38 Crossing St

1889 all on page 1651
Skibbe, Theodore, cooper, home 758 Elston Ave
Skibbe, William, laborer, 1083 W 20th St
Skibbe, William, laborer, 17 Bauwans

1890, page 2031
Skibbe, William, bricklayer, 690 W 19th St

Those rascally Skibbe’s

Part of the homework for the NGS course was to write letters of inquiry.  I sent mine in as homework and out to whom they were addressed.  I received a response from my mother’s cousin.  She stated that her mother told her Wilhelm Skibbe and a brother bought a farm in LaPorte, Indiana.  The brothers had an argument and the brother moved away.  She has a copy of the farm purchase but it only listed Wilhelm.

She believes that he had a brother by the name of Theodore or possibly George Theodore.  
She believes she located a ship record for Johanna (Wilhelm’s mother) and children  located in Germans to America Volume 58, July 1889-1890 page 329.  Ship was the Rhein from Bremen to Baltimore which arrived on 13 Feb 1890.
Skibbe, Johanna  57 F W PRZ Balt.
      Emma 20 F SERVANT PRZ Balt.
                      Otto          16    M    Lab. PRZ Balt.
      Theodor   13 M Lab PRZ Balt.
Now I know that that Wilhelm was in both Chicago and Indiana.  Time for a timeline and a check of Chicago Directories.

Boy did I mess up!

Arwen you catch everything! You are so right, the Arizona State Genealogical Society’s new website is I hope everyone logs on and checks it out. We are still working out the kinks but at least we have current content on the website! That in itself is an improvement.

I’ve been busy re-entering all of the genealogical information. It’s amazing how much more information can be gleaned from a source we obtained years ago. As we become more experienced in our ancestor search, we learn to look at what we have in a different fashion.