NGS Conference 2010 Salt Lake

Wow, not even December and the Salt Lake Plaza Hotel is sold out for the the NGS Conference.  So glad I made my reservations early and got a room!


Poundstone Family death certificates

The death certificates arrived yesterday.

John Newton Poundstone’s DC was signed by his wife Charlottie.  Information provided includes length of stay in this place (Cerro Gordo, Illinois) 73 years; occupation:  common laborer; DOB; DOD; burial date; cemetery – Cerro Gordo; funeral home – Freese Funeral Service of Cerro Gordo; and cause of death: carcinoma of the stomach, chronic myocarditis.

Ora Pearl Poundstone’s DC was signed by his son Herbert.  Address noted of 801 N Morgan Street, Bement, Piatt, Illinois – length of residence thirty years.  Occupation:  drayman for the Bement Grain Company.  SSN; DOB; DOD; burial date; cemetery – Bement Cemetery; funeral home – Roux Funeral Home in Bement; and cause of death carcinoma of the sigmoid (colon), chronic myocarditis.

The brothers John Newton (85) and Ora Pearl (84) both died in their eighties with similar causes of death.

Their father Richard Poundstone’s information was provided by son Ora Pearl.  Richard died at age 80 of a pulmonary edema secondary to cardiac dilatation. His occupation was listed as farmer.  He was listed as a widower with a residence in Bement.  Richard’s certificate from 1919 has quite a bit less information than Ora’s and John’s death certificate.