Tombstone Tuesday

Great Grandfather Ora Pearl Poundstone and Great Grandmother Stella Adams Poundstone
They are buried in the Bement Cemetery in Bement, Piatt, Illinois.  Ora moved his family to Bement some time between 1900  and 1910.  The 1900 census has them living in Cerro Gordo and the 1910 census shows them living in Bement.  My Grandmother Ruby Poundstone Clark was born in Cerro Gordo in 1908.  Her brother Virgil was born in Bement in 1911.  I guess that narrows the move to Bement between April of 1908 and April of 1910.  I have always been curious of my Great Grandfathers name Ora Pearl.  My assumption is that he was named for someone, I just haven’t located any males with either of the names.  I have located females  named Ora and Pearl descended from Great Grandfather Ora Pearl Poundstone..

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