Bruce Clark, murdered October 7, 1968

I had word from my Uncle Otis, that the trial of the man accused of killing my Uncle Bruce Clark in 1968 will begin on March 2.  I wish I had the ability to be at the trial, but Illinois is just too out of reach at the moment.  My family said they will call daily to let me know what is going on.    My Uncle’s murderer has walked free for years even though he had confessed.  The State luckily found about fifteen people willing to testify, hopefully this will put the matter at rest.  There was a point that one of my Uncles and then one of my cousins was accused of the murder.  Bad police work, sloppy court work, and a sheriff with a grudge against my family were factors in the freedom of the murderer.  Quite frankly I would be happy with an apology to my family from the Sheriff, the State’s Attorney’s Office, and the police department.  Justice although slow is still marching through central Illinois.


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