NGS Conference 2010 Salt Lake

I am home after a whirlwind conference and library time.  I made several new friends, met up with some wonderful Genea-bloggers, and really learned some new ideas for my genealogy research.  Ancestry hosted a meeting with the genea-bloggers where the bloggers were given information from Eric Shoup regarding the ExpertConnect service and Tony Macklin shared the new search functions that Ancestry had been working on.  

I also had the opportunity to take in the sights of Salt Lake.  I really enjoyed visiting the Beehive house on the Temple Square. The house is a National Historic Landmark and has been restored with furnishing of the period.  The house was built in 1854 with an addition added on.  The home was originally the home of Brigham Young when he was the governor of the Utah Territory.  He was also the President of the Church of  Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I also explored the Sam Weller used book store.  The store houses numerous genealogical rare books.  A number of medical and books about death in the rare books area were also very interesting.   Best of all,  I found several issues of the Chicago Genealogist form the 70’s that had articles about different churches in the area – one of which my Great Great Grandparents attended.


One thought on “NGS Conference 2010 Salt Lake

  1. Amy,

    It was so great to meet you at NGS. Wish we could have spent more time together, you have the kind of sense of humor I truly appreciate – witty with just a tad of snarky! I love it.


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