Tombstone Tuesday

Bruce Wyman Clark, 7 May 1933 – 7 Oct 1968, my beloved Uncle.  Bruce is buried in Old Stonington Cemetery, Stonington, Christian County, Illinois.  I have blogged about Bruce before, he was murdered. On October 7, 1968 sometime between the hours of 4:20 and 5:00 A.M. in Blue Mound, Macon, Illinois, Bruce Wyman Clark, age 35, was shot and killed at the Fina Gas Station. Sheriff’s Deputies were called to the scene at 5:19 A.M. His killer was arrested in 2009, 41 years after the fact.  The murder trial will begin on November the Monday after Thanksgiving.  I hope to be posting while attending the trial.  I am looking forward to visiting Illinois and seeing my relatives; I’m not overly thrilled about the trial process.  I am looking forward to the outcome of the trial.  I hope my family finds the peace the so desperately deserve.  I only wish my grandparents were still alive to see justice being served.

Scott, Me, and Uncle Bruce summer of 1967


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