Arizona Family History Expo – Fun and informative

The wonderful and talented Irene Winterburn!

First off I need to thank the ladies from the Phoenix Family History Library that attended Irene Winterburn’s presentation “Google Tips and Tricks for Finding Treasures” – not only were you the nicest folks but  the fact that you thought I was ten years younger than I am – well, we are friends for life!  Irene’s presentation reminded me of a few Google tools I tend to forget to use and opened my eyes to a few tricks I need to start using.  Please visit her blog for some wonderful genealogy tips.  One such tool I forget to use on Google is the ~ (tilde) which when included in a search will find similar words.  For example Skibbe~genealogy will also find Skibbe family history, family tree, genealogical, etc.  Irene and I also attended Jason Harrison’s “Mark Twain’s Death Solves Mystery: The Value of Using Newspapers in Research”. His presentation was well done and informative.  Now I just need to block out everything else I should be doing and starting searching the papers.  I had a wonderful time and I hope everyone else did too.

Michelle Goodrum ( and I at a presentation

Colleen McHugh ( and I at the Friday’s banquet.


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