Poundstone and Zeck Marriage Certificate – One of my research finds

Richard Poundstone and Susannah Zeck Marriage Record

I located this record at the Cass County Clerk’s office in Cass County, Logansport, Indiana.  The record was in Marriage Record Book #3 which covers the records between January 1847 and September 1864.  The license was issued the same day that they were married, 7 February 1861.  They were married by John R. Flyn, a Justice of the Peace.


Still digging through treasures from my research trip

I am still entering and documenting my finds from my vacation.  I have finally finished entering and reviewing my finds from the public library in Logansport, Indiana.  The Logansport Cass County Public Library at 616 E Broadway has a plethora of genealogy books available. Their collection is located on the second floor of the building right behind the reference librarian.  The collection includes Polk Directories (boy did I find a lot of information in them), local Cass and Carroll County reference books, DAR and WPA marriage and birth records, and cemetery records for just about every cemetery in Cass counties. I am glad that I allowed myself a full day to use this facility.  I have to say I met just about the sweetest folks in Logansport.  Everyone I met from the hotel staff at the Holiday Inn Express, the library, and the courthouse were just great.

My plan today is to complete the entering of information (clip files and book references) that I located at the Carroll County Historical Society in Delphi, Indiana. The historical society in Carroll County is another genealogy gem.  They house a good sized research area, clip files, family files, and scanned images from county residents.  I am happy to say that they did indeed have several scanned pictures of my Poundstone and Hyman family. 

I am hoping to get started on scanning and entering/documenting my courthouse finds from Cass County by the end of the month. 

Carroll County Indiana Historical Society – Poundstone Reunion Invitation 1929

I found an old invitation to the Poundstone Reunion at the Carroll County Indiana Historical Society.  I located it in the Hyman family file.

Poundstone Reunion again this year.
Come, every cousin, and be of good cheer,
The first Sunday in August, the fourth, if you please.
The year on-nine-two-nine, come, be at your ease.
For a little vacation, it’ll do you all good;
And the Hoosiers again will furnish the food.
Of course, all of our homes will be open for guests,
So come from the east, south, north and the west.
We’ll meet in the Young America school-house
Which stands on the corner of the first Poundstone farm.
In Cass County,  Indiana, a place we do love;
Come early, stay late, at the place stated above.
Young America is south of Logansport, in miles
Fifteen in number, a drive full of smiles.
North of Indianapolis you will find ity by sivty,
So don’t get confused and go down to Dixie.
Please write the secretary that you are coming.
So we Hoosiers can have all things buzzing and humming.

Everett Zeck, Pres.
Route 2, Galveston, Ind

Mrs. Flora Williamson, Sec’y
Young America, Indiana

Vacation and Research

The other day I spent a wonderful day going through the old files at the Cass County Indiana Clerk’s office.  I found some probate files, quite a few marriage licenses, one divorce, and a lot of dust.  I will be posting some of the information I found as I get it processed. 

Today I drove to Illinois and went grave searching at Concordia Cemetery in Forest Park.  I took some new pictures of my Great Grandfathers grave and looked up the graves of Meta and Charles Gollnick,  On the way out of the cemetery I saw another Gollnick headstone so I took some pictures of that headstone also.

Meta and Charles Gollnick

Close up of Charles Gollnick

Close up Meta Gollnick (nee Skibbe)

Opposite side of Meta and Charles – their son William and a spot for his wife Arlene

Gollnick – the headstone I found on the way out of the cemetery, below are close ups of both sides of the stone.

August (father),  Sept 20 1858 – Jan 24 1947;  Albertina (mother) Sept 1 1857 – May 23, 1941; Henry (son) June 4, 1893 – July 27, 1964

Paul H. 1897-1964, Theresa 1892-1962, Augusta 1880-1959, August Jr 1885-1960

Miottel Family Grave