Vacation and Research

The other day I spent a wonderful day going through the old files at the Cass County Indiana Clerk’s office.  I found some probate files, quite a few marriage licenses, one divorce, and a lot of dust.  I will be posting some of the information I found as I get it processed. 

Today I drove to Illinois and went grave searching at Concordia Cemetery in Forest Park.  I took some new pictures of my Great Grandfathers grave and looked up the graves of Meta and Charles Gollnick,  On the way out of the cemetery I saw another Gollnick headstone so I took some pictures of that headstone also.

Meta and Charles Gollnick

Close up of Charles Gollnick

Close up Meta Gollnick (nee Skibbe)

Opposite side of Meta and Charles – their son William and a spot for his wife Arlene

Gollnick – the headstone I found on the way out of the cemetery, below are close ups of both sides of the stone.

August (father),  Sept 20 1858 – Jan 24 1947;  Albertina (mother) Sept 1 1857 – May 23, 1941; Henry (son) June 4, 1893 – July 27, 1964

Paul H. 1897-1964, Theresa 1892-1962, Augusta 1880-1959, August Jr 1885-1960

Miottel Family Grave

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