Winter Memories – Not So Wordless Wednesday

Amy Clark, 1971 

A recent cold snap here in Arizona reminded me of the cold of my youth.  Not that there is much of a comparison to the Chicago area and Tucson, it is cold for a Tucson winter right now.  I remember playing in the snow and having a wonderful time.  Oddly enough I don’t remember the being cold.  Now that I am older and living in a “warmer” climate I cringe when the temperature hits anywhere near 40 degrees or below.  I think it has taken about twenty years or so for me to be cold here in Arizona.  Now I am a total wuss, searching for my warmest clothing when it gets “cold” here, I guess that means I have acclimated to the area.

I took my driver’s license exam right before the DMV was shut down during the blizzard of 1979.  The gentleman giving me the test decided if I could get us safely back to the DMV I could get my license –   the roads were snowplowed in single lanes and they were slippery.  Needless to say I got my license that day.  The experiences of Midwestern winters enabled me the ability to this day to tackle snow and crappy weather driving.  Recently my husband and I were caught in the Raton Pass from New Mexico into Colorado during a snow storm.  I drove through the mess, Gary of course was my white knuckle passenger – especially when I told him I was going to drive even further through the pass to get to a decent place to stop for the night.

The weather report says colder weather for the next few days – I’ll be looking like a native Arizonan with layers of  winter clothing on – just like the folks I laughed at when I arrived in Arizona.


One thought on “Winter Memories – Not So Wordless Wednesday

  1. I'm bundled up and I live in Tempe. Yes, I wear as many clothes now as I did the two years we lived in Montreal and the three we lived in Hartford. But that's OK. I still wear clothes (although many fewer) in July and August here.


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