2012 Genealogical Goals – Review of 2011

Last year I decided my goal for the year would be to keep on top of my filing, and I did.  I made sure to clean off my desk once a week.  I also made sure that what ever I was filing was scanned, attached to my database, and noted in my database.  2011 was the year of better habits!

I am going to keep up with my good habits of 2011 and actually make research plans.  I suffer from “pretty, shiny disease”.  I see a link and I click it, the next thing I know I’m looking at different family, far away from the original search.  It’s not just computer searching.  I do the same thing at libraries, archives and courthouses .  I have gotten a bit better about the libraries.  I make a list of books I must search and allow myself time to wander after I located the books I came to view.

I would like to solve the Drezdon, Dresdon, Drezdzon, or Drezdson mystery.  My goal is to locate documents of Joseph Drezdon, Dresdon, Drezdzon, or Drezdson and perhaps confirm one of the many spellings I have located thus far.  I need to locate John Drezdon’s (also wife Helen Paszalek) immigration information, naturalization records, and death records.  I sent for what I believe to be Joseph’s birth record from the Milwaukee Historical Society, hopefully I can mark that one off the list of things to locate.

The other goal I had was a new office chair.  Luckily Gary bought me one at Christmas so I don’t have to buy one for myself.  I think my office is good to go now.  Last year I redid my office, library shelves, files, binders and purchased photo pages.  I also need to update my Librarything account to reflect the books I received for my birthday and Christmas.

I am still scanning documents from Grandma Eva’s estate.  My goal is to finish up the scanning and to make copies of the photos and documents for Gary’s siblings.

I also resolve to spend more time with my living relatives.  I plan on spending  more time with my immediate family, my rediscovered family and my newly found family family members.

I think that is more than enough to set as a goal.  Perhaps I will reevaluate in June to see what I have accomplished and what goals I can add for the remainder of the year.


One thought on “2012 Genealogical Goals – Review of 2011

  1. Oh, Amy. I also have the problem of getting distracted and off-track, especially at libraries. But I still love them and the research. Thank you for a pleasant reminder.


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