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Confessions of a "Flip-Pal ohalic"

Ok.it’s true, I am a “Flip-Pal ohalic”.  I think I have crossed the line from avid user to nut case.  I have written previously about my use of the Flip-Pal – I truly adore the little scanner.  Today we had a society meeting and I told some of the folks at lunch about my latest faux pas with my sweet little scanner.  One of the gals suggested I write about what I did on my blog so here I go.  My dear Aunt passed recently.  I knew I would be traveling to Illinois and naturally I packed my Flip-Pal (we always take trips together).  While were at the funeral home for the family visitation I noticed that some of my cousins had brought photo albums to the funeral home. Yes you guessed it – I went out to the car and grabbed my Flip-Pal.  Now my mother gave me that don’t do it look, Dad shook his head but yes I grabbed one of the albums and started scanning pictures.

The process was going well…..  I was scanning the photos while in the album – I did not remove any pictures and then I was noticed.  One cousin came over and asked me what I was doing, then the next one and the next one.  Now I had a crowd, great!  So I told them – hey just kinda block me so I can get these scanned Ok guys?  I was on the second album when another cousin joined the group and loudly said ‘”Hey, she’s scanning with a little machine!  Come see!”.  Well at that point I had to shut down my little scanfest.

So I did not get all the photos I wanted that day.  Luckily I was at lunch at one of my cousin’s and the albums surfaced again.  I finally finished scanning the photos I wanted.  What can I say?  I guess my new motto will be have scanner will scan.

If you are interested in becoming a Flip-Pal ohalic please visit Flip-Pal.

1940 Census – Skibbe Family Chicago

So the good news is I located my mother and her family in the 1940 Census living in Chicago.  The bad news is I still have not located my father’s family in Southern Illinois.  They are not living were my father believed they had been living.  Now he thinks perhaps they may have lived in Kincade or Morrison rather than Stonington.  Guess I need to do a little more research on those rascally Clark’s.

Mom’s family was in the same location that was listed on her birth certificate.  It appears they moved just one year later in 1941.  Boy did I luck out finding them on my first try!

Here is a snapshot of the census entries and then the full pages located below the short version…

Census Updates from 1940census.com

Here’s what’s been accomplished so far just in the first week:
  • More than 113,000 volunteers are working to index and arbitrate
  • More than 12.3 million names have been indexed.
  • More than 5.3 million names have been arbitrated.
  • Total number of names indexed and arbitrated is 17,720,076.
  • 22 states have been posted for indexing.
  • 4 states are 75% or more complete
  • 1 state (Delaware) has been completely indexed and is ready for posting.
And counting!
These stats reflect the excitement of those who are involved in this indexing effort.  Congratulations to everyone involved and let’s keep working! Haven’t started indexing the 1940 Census just yet?  Now is the perfect time – check out the weekly contest post from earlier today to find out how you can win an iPad by beinUg a part of the indexing crowd.
Happy Indexing!

Free Upcoming Webinars – Friends of the National Archives – Southeast Region

Free Webinar – Monday, April 9th, 2012
The Friends of the National Archives-Southeast Region, Inc., are please to present Records of the War of 1812 with archivist Shane Bell.
Monday, April 9th, 2012
Time: 7:00 pm Eastern
Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

Future Webinars

  • May 14, 2012: Social Networking: New Horizons for Genealogists with Thomas MacEntee
  • Jun 11, 2012: Railroad Retirement Records & CCC Records with Maureen Hill 
You can visit the National Archives-Southeast Region web page at web page.

Ancestry 1940 Census Update…………

Ancestry is predicting that they will have every page – approximately 3.8 million of them – posted not later than 2 p.m. EST this Friday.  What exciting news!

Ancestry has also been posting videos on YouTube to help you navigate through the census images.  Visit their videos at Ancestry YouTube videos.  Give the videos a try they are quite informative.

Ancestry is also making a presence on Facebook.  The release of the 1940 census has triggered a plethora new genealogy enthusiasts. Check the Events Tabs on Facebook for Livestream broadcasts and Tweet chat opportunities.  You can check it out at Ancestry Events Facebook.

The Ancestry Sticky Notes blog page is posting tips and tricks for the census.  They are also looking for stories and pictures.  You can  email them to1940stories@ancestry.com and they will be posted to Ancestry’s 1940 Stories section and possibly to their interactive map. To view the interactive map visit  it at http://map.ancestry.com.

Ancestry has been indexing since the images have been available.  I’ll let you know when the first state is indexed and available.