Confessions of a "Flip-Pal ohalic"’s true, I am a “Flip-Pal ohalic”.  I think I have crossed the line from avid user to nut case.  I have written previously about my use of the Flip-Pal – I truly adore the little scanner.  Today we had a society meeting and I told some of the folks at lunch about my latest faux pas with my sweet little scanner.  One of the gals suggested I write about what I did on my blog so here I go.  My dear Aunt passed recently.  I knew I would be traveling to Illinois and naturally I packed my Flip-Pal (we always take trips together).  While were at the funeral home for the family visitation I noticed that some of my cousins had brought photo albums to the funeral home. Yes you guessed it – I went out to the car and grabbed my Flip-Pal.  Now my mother gave me that don’t do it look, Dad shook his head but yes I grabbed one of the albums and started scanning pictures.

The process was going well…..  I was scanning the photos while in the album – I did not remove any pictures and then I was noticed.  One cousin came over and asked me what I was doing, then the next one and the next one.  Now I had a crowd, great!  So I told them – hey just kinda block me so I can get these scanned Ok guys?  I was on the second album when another cousin joined the group and loudly said ‘”Hey, she’s scanning with a little machine!  Come see!”.  Well at that point I had to shut down my little scanfest.

So I did not get all the photos I wanted that day.  Luckily I was at lunch at one of my cousin’s and the albums surfaced again.  I finally finished scanning the photos I wanted.  What can I say?  I guess my new motto will be have scanner will scan.

If you are interested in becoming a Flip-Pal ohalic please visit Flip-Pal.


3 thoughts on “Confessions of a "Flip-Pal ohalic"

  1. You rock Amy! Getting those photos was important and you had the cajones to do even with “The Look” from your mother. I am well acquainted with “The Look” as my own mother uses it on me constantly, hence the “Get Out of Hell Free” cards.


  2. LOL. Only you,Amy! I love my Flip-Pal scanner and take it everywhere I go where there might be photos or documents I want to record. But I don't think I would have the nerve to bring it to a funeral. You have my vote for the gutsyiet genealogist I know.


  3. Would you believe there was a few pictures of my kids that I had never seen before? Sherri it wasn't during the funeral – actually the visitation at the funeral home. What can I say I admit to being a Flip-Pal ohalic.


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