Wordless Wednesday: Wedding of Stanislaw Mikolajczak and Agnes Kwiecienski -early 1900’s

Wedding of Stanislaw Mikolajczak and Agnes Kwiecienski, Milwaukee, Wisconsin  prior to 1907


Getting Ready for FGS 2015: Making a List and Checking it twice!

No it does not matter is your naughty or nice –however making a list will help you get all that vital research done.   I currently have two lists that I am developing.  The first list includes hard copy books; the second is a listing of film to be reviewed.   

My book list includes the name of the book, location(call number), what I am looking for and some brief background such as William Hobbs 1787 SC – 1837 AL wife Frances McWilliams and a space to designate findings and whether or not copies were made.  I will sort the books into like call numbers and pull sections at a time to review. 

My second list is similar with a listing of microfilms that I want to review.  I did find a few that I will need to order ahead of time to have available during my visit. 

I am also making a list of items I will need to bring with me to the library.  The usual items include pen/pencils, paper, several USB drives (I have a tendency to lose things), my tablet, print outs of the library floors and snacks/water.  The last time I got busy researching and forgot to eat.  This time I will be prepared with some snacks that I can eat while taking a much needed break.  I also need to label all my belongings in case they get loose and wander the library without me. 

There are many specialists available with advice at the library.  If I can get my questions together I can visit a reference consultant and seek advice.  Sometimes a fresh set of eyes or ears is worth hours of research.  Here’s to knocking down some brick walls!  


Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories (ACCM): Christmas Stories

When we were little, every Christmas my mother would have us listen to “The Cinnamon Bear” radio show.  We would listen almost every day starting after Thanksgiving to the adventures of Paddy o’Cinnamon and siblings Judy and Jimmy Barton.  The Barton’s lost their Silver Star that belonged on their Christmas tree.  The radio show takes you through the adventure as Jimmy and Judy try to recover the star in Maybeland.  They run into the Crazy Quilt Dragon, The Wintergreen Witch, Penelope the Penguin and many others.

I know my brother and I would listen attentively while the show aired – it was a station in Chicago that replayed the original.  The show originally broadcast in December of 1937.  The radio show is available at Cinnamon Bear.  

“The Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories (ACCM) allows you to share your family’s holiday history twenty-four different ways during December! Learn more at http://adventcalendar.geneabloggers.com.”

The Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories (ACCM): Memories of our family Christmas Tree

Memories of our holiday tree………….

First and foremost were the German glass ornaments that we were not allowed to touch until we were in high school.  Always high up on the tree – the ornaments were collected by my mother’s family.  I knew they were old and special to my mother and quite frankly they scared me.  I knew if one of them broke we were in big trouble.

One of the oddest things on our tree was our baby rattles.  Mom saved each of our rattles and used them as ornaments.  I don’t know where my brother’s are, I have my rattle on my tree.  I wish I would have thought to save my children’s rattles to add to the tree.  Perhaps I can add my grandchildren’s to mine one day.

My mother also added Hallmark ornaments to our tree.  She started buying one for each of us yearly.  When we moved out of the house we had a few ornaments to call our own. My favorite ornament was not a Hallmark, it is a Fozy Bear ornament my mother bought me at some point in the 1970’s.  My mother also purchased several Paddington The Bear ceramic ornaments that grace our tree today.

Dad usually put the tree up the first week of December.  The tree was artificial due to the numerous allergies of trees in the house.  The key was to stay out of the living room while Dad was putting the tree up.  The branches were color coded with tape on the branches.  Every year some of the tape would fall off and Dad would put up some of the branches in the wrong places.  Mom supervised from the dining room which had Dad mumbling under his breath until the tree was in place.  The best part was decorating and putting up the tinsel (which included the annual throwing of the tinsel by my brother).  

“The Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories (ACCM) allows you to share your family’s holiday history twenty-four different ways during December! Learn more at http://adventcalendar.geneabloggers.com.”