#2015 FGS/Rootstech and 2016 FGS in Springfield Illinois

I had a wonderful time at FGS/Rootstech.  I am hoping to get to work tracking my ancestors with my new ideas as soon as possible.  I just need to get caught up in the office and with everything that has been neglected while I was away.

I have already started to work on improving our society with classes I attended FGS Society day and the Innovator Summit.   Lisa Louise Cooke did a wonderful class on marketing and it applies across the board with both the society and my personal business.

Me and Lisa Louise Cooke

I must admit to being partial to Lisa. I worked for her in the expo hall (and previously),  she is one of the best bosses a person could work for.  She also allowed me to slip away to wander the exhibit hall and to attend some classes.  She didn’t even mind when I was late getting to work on Saturday (the photo op with Donny Osmond was just too great to resist).

I can’t wait to attend FGS 2016 in Springfield.  Let this serve as a warning to my Illinois relatives – I will be hitting the state the last week of August and staying through the first week of September.  I will also be seeking you all out to spend some quality time with you while I troll for family records.


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