Wordless Wednesday: Sisters Lorraine Skibbe Clark and Violet Gollnick Lundquist

1953  Sisters Violet Lundquist and Lorraine Skibbe


Mystery Monday: Johon Drezdzon/John Drezdon – Where are you from? Pueka Poland?

I have been researching my mother-in-law’s family.  Her family had been spelling their last name Drezdon; records located in Milwaukee indicated a spelling of Drezdzon.  I searched back through her family tree trying to figure out when the second z was dropped.  The name seemed to change during John’s lifetime 1864-1954.

I sent away for John’s immigration records.  They arrived yesterday.  On his Declaration of Intent and Petition for Naturalization he states he was born in Pueka, Poland. I must admit that Polish research is something I have done before.  I thought the most logical thing would be to consult a gazetteer.  I looked in three different publications – no Pueka in Poland, Prussia, of Germany.  I am stumped.  I would welcome any ideas.

The Declaration of Intention has his name as Johon Drezdzon from Pueka, Poland. His signature is  Johon Drezdzon.

 Johon’s Petition for Naturalization has his name spelled as John Drezdon. The Petition listed his actually birth date along with  the birth dates of his eight children and wife.  What a goldmine!  It also has two of his daughters married last names.  I move forward with some research and get stumped in another.