Genealogy Education: Boston University and more…..

Well I’ve been busy stepping up my education.  I have been honing my Private Investigative skills and advancing my genealogy skills.  I have one more week to go to complete the Boston University Genealogy Research Program.  The classes included problem solving, research, evidence evaluation, and professional genealogy.  Instructors included Melinde Lutz Byrne, Mary Ann Boyle, Thomas Jones, Elissa Scalise Powell, and Allison Ryall.   The class has been wonderful and I have learned a lot!

The BU class is accredited for three graduate school hours, it requires quite a bit of time and effort.  I can honestly say it has been challenging and fulfilling.  Some classmates jumped ship before the completion of the course, others like myself have dutifully done our reading,  homework, and participated in the online discussion groups.

I can honestly say that I spent about twenty hours a week on the course.  I was my own worst enemy – constantly second guessing myself along the way.  I did, however, slowly develop confidence with my research.  I am one step closer to biting the bullet and starting the accreditation process.

The class helped me keep busy, which was perfect timing for me.  I had lost my eldest daughter a little bit before the class started.  I know that the fact that I had spent the money motivated me to get going on the assignments and forced me to do something other than cry and try to hide away.

If you have the opportunity to take the class do it!  It is overwhelming, new, difficult, wonderful, exciting, boring, complicated and easy.  I have signed up for SLIG – the land class.  I do not think I would feel capable of doing the class without the BU course under my belt.  


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