Getting organized and new estate finds……

My wonderful father bought me a new computer for my birthday – best part he did it two months early!  I moved over most of my business records, archived some and ditched the rest.  The genealogy part of my records, well that will take on a different approach.  I did move  pictures and all the information to a “My Passport” portable drive for the time being.  I am redoing my files, yet again, to standardize all my files both computer and paper.  Looking at all I have saved and the numerous copies of the same documents/pictures that were on the old computer I can see things need to change.

I am going to continue with my marriage number folders.  That has worked for me and the way I think about the records – smaller family units.  I am going to create a master list of every sub-file that I want in the each family folder.  I am also going to have  a new photo system.  I am debating now on file naming standards beginning with vitals  such as MRIN, b (birth) m (marriage), d (death), last name, first name, year or full date.

I have RootsMagic installed on the new systems also.  I am starting a new database – using my old one for comparison but will not import it.  Why?  I want to correctly enter my information and citations.  The task of correcting everything I have done, I believe, will take more time than starting anew.

I also rearranged my office, sorted my books and added all of them to a database, got rid of everything that no longer served a purpose, put everything where it made sense to be.  The books I refer too most often are close by.  All my other books are sorted into regions and my current projects – including ProGen28 are easy to access.

I now have room for my new purchases made at the several estate sales Gary and I went to today:

Early American Dress: The Colonial and Revolutionary Periods by Edward Warwick, henry C. Pitz and Alexander Wycoff (1965)

Historic Dress in America 1607-1870 by Elizabeth McClellan (1977)

and lastly…… Telephone Directory of Chicago and Adjoining Counties 1914!

Now, I feel the need for a nap.


Miottel Find: Theodor Miottel named as executor to John W. Miottel’s estate 1911, Chicago

Ancestry has made available “Illinois, Wills and Probate Records, 1772-1999” and I have records of my Miottel family!

My Great Grandfather Theodore Miottel was appointed executor of his brother John’s estate.