Jamboree 2016 – I’m In! U2?

So I really thought I would not go to Jamboree – saving some funds for FGS in Springfield but I can’t be good!  Budget be damned!  I have already picked my classes and I think I can room with some friends – Laurie and Bev – hint hint!  

I told myself I wouldn’t look at the classes, then I promised myself  I wouldn’t go unless I had a roomie and now I have just proven I have no self control what so ever…… I should be ashamed…if I weren’t so happy looking forward to going.  

I blame Lise Harding with her Facebook posts highlighting the Jamboree for my downfall.  In years past I have served as her Jamboree slave happily serving as room monitor and registration packet pusher – this year no twisting the arm to volunteer – but those teasers!  I dare you to give the Jamboree 2016 website a view.  Visit the page at http://genealogyjamboree.com/index.html to see if you get tempted to visit.

The good news is that I will be able to see my conference hubby J. Paul Hawthorne sooner than I thought.  Paul is a great dinner companion and I am sure the others in his genea-harem will let me join in the bunch.  As always I am looking forward to seeing Sheri Fenley, Gena Philibert-Ortega, Randy Seaver and so many others.  See you there!


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