Wordless Wednesday: Skibbe’s

Great Aunt Anne Skibbe, Grandfather William Skibbe, and Lorraine Clark Skibbe on her wedding day.  Note the apron – Mom put out a spread for guests. January 1961


Citation Check!

I thought it would be prudent to print out my source list.  I must be a very good girl because my report was over 300 pages!  My idea was to look at the sources to locate spelling errors or citations that needed a little tweaking.  It seems that things look perfect on RootsMagic (I call that entry blindness) but I have found some errors on my reports.  My top mistakes are spelling and number flipping.

It appears that the majority of my mistakes show up in the detail section.  I think the best way to review is to review a few pages everyday.  So wish me luck,!

FGS 2016

I am so excited for the FGS conference in Springfield, Illinois.  I will be driving from Arizona about two weeks prior to the conference. The best part about getting there earlier will be visiting with family before the conference.  I will be picking up a picture of my grandfather from a cousin, my dad’s yearbooks, and who knows how many other treasures I will find.

I have been working on my list of repositories and listing what documents I need to search for.  I have also contacted an aunt and some cousins so that I may scan their items.  I am also working up some interview questions for my family members.

My best friend will be traveling to the conference and will be in Springfield the Sunday before.  I am looking forward to playing hostess for the area.  I plan on dragging her to all my favorite places. 

I will be sharing my lists of favorite places to research along with my favorite places to visit in in coming blog posts.