Jamboree Friday – Learning, overload and a plethora of wonderful people!

Wow, I must say the Friday DNA day was quite successful. I learned so much I am on overload. I really enjoyed listening to Diahan Southard and her talk about finding missing persons. Daniel Horowitz of MyHeritage shared some wonderful information on their products and Crista Cowan gave us a tour of all the wonderful things Ancestry has added to their DNA line.

This morning I find myself sitting at the round table talks in the Pavilion listening to the buzzing of excited genealogist talking about French Canadian, Witches, German, English, Early Colonial and many other topics. Later today the exhibit hall will be open, more general classes will be offered (and DNA of course), Tech Zone will be available so we genealogists can learn and research all day long! There are so many topics it will be difficult choose what to attend as always.

This evening’s banquet will feature the fabulous Judy Russel speaking on Blackguards and Black Sheer – the Lighter Side of the Law.

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