#NGS2017Gen Raleigh NGS Excitement

The Pre-NGS Conference fun begins in the morning!  I and fellow blogger J Paul Hawthorne, along with others,  will be busy learning at the Putting Skills To Work by the BCG Education Fund.  The event features Nancy A. Peters, CG, “Make Your Case: Correlating Evidence to Solve Genealogical Problems” followed by Sara Ann Scribner, CG teaching “Making Your Case: Constructing and Writing Proof Arguments”.

I am looking forward to learning some new skills and meeting new people.  While we are learning other attendees will be visiting plantations, researching at the archives, or enjoying some of the museums and historic sites Raleigh has to offer.  I hope everyone at the conference has a chance to explore outside the conference center and their hotels.   Remember to check at your hotel for a list of nearby restaurants and things to do.  I can highly recommend The Pit Authentic Barbecue at 328 W. Davie, check out the offerings here:  Menu


Preparing for Certification………….Suggestions for advancement

The Boston University certificate of Genealogical Research program has been completed.  At the end of our course the instructors made some suggestions for furthering our education.  Friends and other genealogy acquaintances have also made suggestions.  I decided to put all the suggestions together to form one master lists.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions.  Here is what I came up with: 

NGS Home Study Course
Boston University Certificate Genealogical Research
University of Toronto, National Institute Gen. Studies
ProGen Study Group
Review BCG Application/Begin research prior to application
10-12 March 2016 San Antonio Texas
GRIP Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh
June 26-July 1 2016 and/or July 17-22
Pittsburgh, PA Info in November 2015
Registration opens 19 January 2016
International Society for British Genealogy and Family History
NIGR National Institute on Genealogical Research
July 2016
Registration and announcements December 2015
SLIG Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy
Join APG
Subscribe to BCG OnBoard
Read Blogs such as Genealogy Education by Angela McGhie
APG Conferences
2016 22-24 Sept 2016 Fort Wayne, Indiana
FGS  Conferences
NGS Conferences
Get involved in your local genealogy society
Research, Writing, Compiling
Log at least 250 hours of research, writing, and compiling yearly – publish some writings and solicit feedback from peers.
Read and join discussion groups for major journals
  NGS,The American Genealogist, New York Genealogical and Biographical Society Record, New England Historical and Genealogical Register
NGSQ Study Group
NGSQ Article Discussion Group
Second Life Genealogy Events – NGSQ Study Group