Ancestry Digital Scanning

Ancestry offered free document and picture scanning at the NGS conference and I took full advantage of their help.  I brought with me from Tucson some original documents and photos from the early 1900’s.  I guess I could have scanned them myself but the high speed, high tech scanners Ancestry had available did a much better job (and faster too) than I could have accomplished.

The Ancestry scanning team took my envelope of precious information, scanned them and provided me with THREE flash drives with my images.  I have uploaded two of the flash drives and sorted the images into the appropriate  files on Legacy and on my computer.  One image was of the Poundstone family tree drawn by George Poundstone in 1933.  George’s work was very intricate and on a very odd sized paper.  Now I have a wonderful image that I can send to family and share with others researching the Poundstone line without finding a printer that can photocopy the tree.

Thank you Ancestry for providing such a wonderful service to genealogists!