Wordless Wednesday: Uncle John, Matt and Me cir 1967

Uncle John, Matt, Amy 1967


The know and unknown Clark and Damery photo….

Row 1:  Glenda Clark, Liz Clark, Nina Damery, Ruby Poundstone Clark (Grandma), Wilma Clark and Maxine Damery.
Row 2:  Ann Clark Ray, Irene Clark Baker, Marsha Clark Chappell
Row 3:  Dennis Michael Ray, Charles Dean Clark, Leo Otis Clark, Max Damery, Bill Damery, John Clark,  David Kent Clark, Otis Elmer Clark (Grandpa)  

UPDATE:  Irene Clark Baker provided the following information: Ann Ray Clark, she is deceased. Then I think the next one may be me Irene Clark Baker, and the next one is Marsha Clark Chappell, she is also deceased. Back row is Dennis Michael Ray he was Ann’s husband and he passed this last week. The second guy is Charles Dean Clark, Deceased. these are all brother or sister of mine and Dennis Michael Ray was my brother in law the third guy I believe is Otie Aunt Ruby and Uncle Otis’s son.  Thank you Irene!

This is a new found favorite photo of mine.  One of my cousins provided this photo to the funeral home when my Aunt Maxine passed away.  I had never seen this group shot before.  It looks like it may have been taken on my grandparents picnic table in their backyard, that is just a guess on my behalf.  The clothing makes me think perhaps late 50’s or early 60’s.  I would love to identify the folks that I do not know.  Are they relatives?  What are their connections?  Aunt Maxine looks so pretty with her white blouse and long flowered skirt, was she dressed this way for an event or did she just wear this type of fashion?  Filling in names to the missing folk in this photo may lead to more clues to our family history….does anyone want to hazard a guess to who some of these folks are?