Unseated Land

I have been researching in Pennsylvania and ran across the term “unseated land”.   The subject I was searching for was listed twice in the Tax Discount lists of Chester County, Pennsylvania.  In 1812, he was the listed as the owner of land in the township of Sadsbury.  The reason for the tax discount was listed as unseated land.

Seated land refers to land that is occupied, used as a residence,  is improved, or farmed.  Unseated would be privately owned land that has not been improved, reclaimed, or occupied.

In 1815 the same man was in New London (or rather not in New London) and is listed on the discount tax list as  “gone”. A little more digging around in the Pennsylvania records resulted in two more entries that may or may not be the same individual.  In 1807 there is a gentleman living in Sadsbury, who was a Miller.  In 1814 there is a  man listed as an Ironmaster in Sadsbury, perhaps they are one in the same.  The townships of Sadsbury and New London are about 16 miles apart.

Chester County Map
Partial map of Chester County Pennsylvania, full original located at   http://www.chesco.org/1573/Atlases-and-Maps

I am breaking out the checkbook and ordering copies of the records.   I am very interested to read to read more about the records.  Unseated is a new term for me – interesting to find a new term since I just read Sheri Fenley’s post at The Educated Genealogists about genealogical terms and words http://sherifenley.blogspot.com/2017/07/genealogical-vocabulary-words-and.html.




My Other Life

Sheri Fenley at the The Educated Genealogist  posted “My Other Life” a listing of what occupies her time when genealogy doesn’t.  I thought I would own up to my own misguided life.

I some times work as a private investigator…..

I sew.  I make ornaments with glass, solder and images of my family. My husband and I make spoon rings and I use the remnants to make ornaments.

I watch CSI, Bones, Castle, Law & Order, The Closer, PanAm and the Big Bang Theory.  I watch Lifetime and Hallmark movies that make me cry.

I cook and bake.

My husband and I have one child left at home that resides with us when she is not at Northern Arizona University – the rest are out of the house – so we have upped our traveling.

I play with my dogs and cuddle with my old tom cat Frank.

I do Suduko, read mysteries and romance novels.