July Blog Party: DNA and Appearance

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I grew up in a family of four; Mom, Dad, me and my older brother Matt.  Throughout the years one thing was glaringly apparent.  One of these things was not like the others, one of these things just didn’t belong.  Mom, Dad and Matt all have dark hair and darker eyes than me.  Matt is the image of my father and I just do not look like I belong.  For years I begged my mother to just tell me the truth – that I was adopted.  I was sure that Matt and I could not possibly be related, my gosh he was just too weird to be related to me. My parents swore that I was their child.  Evidence provided by DNA testing proves my parents were telling them the truth.  I think I would have felt better if I just looked like I was related to them.  Perhaps it was just my awkward self that felt out of place.

Amy Matt Grands New Salem 67
Otis, Ruby, Matt and Amy Clark 1967

Above is a picture of my paternal grandparents, Otis and Ruby Clark, with my brother and I.  I certainly see Matt’s resemblance but not my own.  Below is a picture of my Dad, Matt and I the same day and place as above.  On the left below, a photo of my mother and her father William Skibbe.

Matt, Lloyd and Amy Clark 1967
Matt, Lloyd, and Amy Clark at Lincoln’s New Salem, Springfield, Illinois, 1967.


William Skibbe and Lorraine Skibbe Clark
William Skibbe and Lorraine Skibbe Clark, January 1961


Not seeing too much of a resemblance on my Mom’s side either, until…..

You see a photo of me and my maternal grandmother side by side at the same age.  Finally, I look like I belong.

Amy and Clara
Amy Clark, age 17 and Clara Miottel age 16.

What do you think?  Who do I look like?