Ora Pearl Poundstone WWI Registration Card


"Most Satisfying Genealogy Events"

Leland Meitzler, posted his top ten list of “Most Satisfying Genealogy Events” and Randy Seaver announced for today’s SNGF:

1) Tell us about one (or more) “Satisfying Genealogy Moments” from your family history and genealogy research. What was it, and how did it make you feel? You can make a Top Ten list if you want to!

10. Locating my Skibbe and Miottel naturalization records in the same court days apart in Chicago.

9. Going back one more generation on my Poundstone family.

8. Attending my first NGS Conference – Wow!

7. Locating and visiting my Skibbe Great Grandparent’s church and cemetery in rural Indiana.
6. Locating new cousins through Ancestry, Facebook, and World Vital Records.

5. Receiving pictures of my Skibbe family (I had none) from a new cousin found on the Web.

4. Starting a new family database and correctly citing every entry. There is joy in having my documents correctly cited and filed correctly both in my binders and on the computer. My new database has about 972 people and roughly 2500 cited entries. My old database had 4000 people and about 700 cited entries.

3. Taking the time to cataloged my heirlooms and finding new information when reviewing them. Documents that I acquired early on in genealogical quest (about 20 years ago) reveal more information as I mature as a researcher.

2. Locating Great Great Grandpa Clark’s civil war records thus proving his service in the war. An abundance of additional information was found in the file.

1. Searching for my missing Miottel’s in census records and having my friend volunteer to look for me under what she thought the spelling was “Miattel” and locating all my missing records. I wish I had talked about my problem Miottel’s with her years earlier!

Family Update

John J. Joynt, III trial date has changed again! Nothing new since the date keeps changing. Let’s hope the new November date is a keeper. In the meantime, I am back to searching the Poundstones. I just mailed a request for the death certificates for Ora Poundstone and Richard Poundstone (Ora’s father). I am making a list of other places to look for records on Ora such as the probate court in Piatt County Illinois. Richard Poundstone has served in the Civil War, although not yet confirmed, so I need to locate his military records. I did locate a record for a Richard Poundstone in the Civil War however he lived in a different town and died on a different date. The search will continue.