Wordless Wednesday – Helen Drezdon, George Drezdon’s mother, Janice Urman’s Grandma

Helen Drezdon, George Drezdon’s mother, Janice Urman’s Grandma


Wedding Wednesday – Wedding Photos To be Displayed at Juliana’s Wedding

As promised here are the photos that will be framed on on display at our daughter’s wedding on April 27th.

Stanislaw Mikolajczak and Agnes Kwiecienski

Frank Yurmanovich and Ivana Drvaric

Robert Urman and Janice Drezdon

Lloyd Clark and Lorraine Skibbe Miller

Wedding and Genealogy

One of my daughters is getting married 27th of this month.  Above is a picture of her engagement ring.  Getting things ready for the wedding has included pulling out family wedding pictures to display at the guest table.  I have had a wonderful time finding the photos and have been trying to find appropriate frames to display the pictures in .  I sure wish I had pictures of my father’s or mother’s line.  Luckily my husband’s family has been taking wedding photos throughout the ages so we have some interesting pictures to share.  I will share some of the photos I picked out to display in the coming weeks.

Happy ancestor hunting!