Not So Wordless Wednesday: Jessica Lynne Fay 1983-2015

Jessica 2009
Jessica and I 1984

My heart is still heavy with the loss of my eldest daughter Jessica.  There are no words of comfort for me – I am getting by with the love and care of my family and friends.  I am angry, sad, confused and hurt while I am happy, comforted, loved and holding on.  One day I hope to be able to understand, meanwhile we wait for the coroner’s report.  I always called Jessica my “life sucker”  she was the one child that could take my soul and twist it around.  She knew my hot buttons.  She also knew that I loved her.  She always made of point of telling me every time she saw or talked to me. Jessica was a fixer.  She brought both people and animals home that she felt needed care.  She and her dog Bear Bear were inseparable.  He faithfully stayed by her side after she passed away.  We have added her dog to our menagerie at home, he does give me comfort.  My husband has been a blessing taking on much of the details that a death creates.  I love you Jessica Lynne. I have no words but thank you to everyone that has offered comfort for our loss.  



I’m so there – Southern California Jamboree

Yes, I am sooooo there!  I have paid for my registration, workshops, and dinners for the Jamboree.  The hotel room is booked, and Leslie Carney and I will be driving out to enjoy Burbank!  I am looking forward to spending time with fellow Arizona gals Laurie Desmaris and Bev Fieg – (the four of us recently terrorized Salt Lake City) we are dangerous together but oh so much fun! Can’t wait to attend the Documenting a Respectable Family History with Tom Jones, Creating a Digital Scrapbook with Barb Groth and dinners with speakers Tom Jones and Michael Lacopo.  For more information on the Jamboree visit: