Family in Wyoming, GRIP Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Illinois, and Ft Wayne- June to August

Looking through my calendar for the next few months, I see my first excursion will be to Laramie, Wyoming for my nephew’s wedding.  Gary and I have yet to decide our route, but we do know that antique stores will be found.


In July I amgrip off to the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh (GRIP) to study Forensic Genealogy.    In addition to some great coordinators, I get to see two of my favorites, CeCe Moore and Judy Russell.  I am looking forward from learning from Michael Ramage, Kelvin Meyers, Amber Tauscher, and Catherine West Desmarais.  Reading the class descriptions on the website, I am very excited to learn and perfect my skills.  Class descriptions can be located on the GRIP website, the Fundamentals of Forensic Genealogy can be found at


FGS Indiana

August will find me at NARA in St. Louis pulling some military personnel files. The next stop will be Chicago, with a stop at the Cook Court building to get some file requests in, and then off to Fort Wayne for the FGS conference.  Information on the 2018 Conference at Ft. Wayne can be found at I will stop back by the courthouse in Chicago. Hopefully, I will have time to visit some old friends, then south to family in the Decatur/Springfield area.

Currently, I am getting my to do lists and research calendars in shape to make the most of my traveling.

I am looking forward to sharing my experiences and hopefully, some new family finds.